Sunday, 14 April 2013

Summer Daze...

We've had a successful day so far, a moochy morning with toast and coffee in the sun. Headed off to pick up a few kilos of bacon, some sausages and by chance got a black pudding- a proper black pudding. Sunday dinner in St Helena is going to bear a close resemblance to an English breakfast.

In the afternoon we drove down to Horse Point to watch the RMS sailing by. Next time it comes up this way Nain and Taid will be onboard. You can imagine the level of excitement for yourself.

Last few weeks have been a happy mix of swimming (Pip now able to swim the full length of the 33m pool but chooses not to if asked to do so....), mooching in the sun, barbecues and... all the normal things that fill family life. The little things make a lot of difference here. One thing that has made us smile is a more or less constant supply of potatoes while the shops have seen none since January. People here like Pip- polite and ready with a smile and a wave- they've made sure she hasn't gone without. 

Summer is heading in to it's final days/weeks/minutes- can never be sure how long sun will last (or rain wind or other for that matter). We've had more rain the last few weeks- very welcome relief after several weeks of baking sun. The water levels in the reservoir on the "dry side" of the island are off critical.

The island measured approximately 4x6 miles, for the last month one half of the island has been on hose pipe bans and urged to save water wherever possible. Our side has been sunny but soggy. On the Easter weekend we went for what we thought would be a guaranteed dry walk down towards Cox's Battery. We walked for ten minutes then stood aghast as a solid wall of rain approached off the sea. I counted down from five then it hit. Another five seconds and we were drenched through. It lasted long enough for us to squidge our way back to the car, the dessert dust clung to our feet like clay. When the car dried out a few days later the caked mud just blew away.

The first day of rain came with the "Summer Sizzle" our big fundraiser for the school. Absolutely amazing. A year ago nothing seemed further away than standing on stage in my mac belting our specially modified song the "Harford Primary PTA". Pip did the Birdy Song dress in a pink sparkly bowler hat, a flower garland and bee wings. Rather distraught that I have no photos of that but you can have a few others instead.

Sploshy day down on wharf.

Ice-cream after a Sunday swim

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant!
Plo/Pilau on the beach with her friend.
Plo (rice, curry power and veg) is now a staple :-)

On the glass bottom boat. Before Pip had a go at steering and made lots of people queasy...