Monday, 5 November 2012

A whale in James Bay!

Driving to work this morning I was in a mild Monday morning haze. Started down Side Path, typically mindful of several bends ahead so that I can pull over in a wide enough stopping point if there’s anything coming my way (up-hill gets priority). Big white sploosh in the water. Odd I thought then I realised- it’s only a whale!!
Pulled over to watch for a while (waving all the people behind me on who thought I’d stopped for a “good” reason). It jumped and splashed and slammed it’s tail down and did great big belly flops. Amazing. Thanks to my dodgy eyes I don’t know if it was one really active one or a couple taking turns. The North Side of St Helena is a nursing ground for humpback whales, several mother/child pairs have been spotted. Now I’ve seen them too J
It is a little odd to observe just how weary we become of the world around us. I didn’t spot anyone else who had stopped to watch: seen it before and will see it again. Same goes for so much around here: Myna birds are a pest, fresh Tuna a dull daily staple, bright red cardinals are cute but no more noteworthy than a UK sparrow. I was lucky enough to be brought up in some stunning scenery which I didn’t really appreciate until I’d moved away. I feel very fortunate to be living in another stunning place and to be approaching it with fresh eyes.

A different whale doing similar things.

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