Sunday, 14 October 2012

Night out- pizza on the peaks

Went out for tea tonight. Took our tea out might be a more honest description. Bob made pizza, I packed a blanket and we headed off towards Blue Hill. There are some fantastic picnic spots there, the one we had in mind is on the way to "High Peak" one side of the road falls away to Sandy Bay, the other down to... somewhere else, not sure where even with an OS map we can't make sense of where we are, where we're going or where we've been!

The wind was hurtling when we got there so sat in the car to eat. It was rather wonderful.


  1. I want to come and visit now! I want to be miles away from this place and sitting at the top of a remote windy hill in the middle of the south atlantic eating pizza!

  2. It was fun. Can recommend trying the same next time the whim grabs you... but you'll have to settle for more familiar views!!

    There was a power cut after we got home. Several hours of darkness. Bottle of rum, candle light and reading aloud from a book (not organised enough to have a book each!!).
    It sounds fun and romantic written down with hindsight. To be honest it was a real annoyance at the time!

  3. Yes there must be a hil around here somewhere. Powercuts aways sound like fun but they're not (I remember the uk in the 70s)

    Love your blog xx