Thursday, 11 October 2012

You may want to blow off

I may have mentioned the astounding views- amazingly diverse scenery, awe inspiring cliffsand so on. These views come with a toll- the roads. 

I can't show a photo which will do them justice so I'll let you picture it yourself.

My drive to work takes around thirty minutes. Distance approximately six miles (one mile as the crow flies) change in altitude of around six hundred metres.

The stench of burning rubber which accompanied me into town the first time I drove the road alone may gives you a scent of what lies between Longwood and Jamestown. The screaming clutch provides the sound track.  I haven't often wished for a gear lower than first but several roads here do bring out a certain longing.

Blind bends are dealt with by "blowing off"... And then hoping for the best. Traffic going up hill generally has priority, but tight bends mean you can't often see what's coming your way. Some bends are normal tight, some very, some take a couple of goes- we've got a Clio, turning circles don't come much smaller.

So long as everyone goes slow and abides to these rules not much can go wrong. Not everyone does which leads to regular near misses. Very pleased we've got new brakes all round!

Lovely views though and my drive to work now counts towards the recommended 30mins daily exercise.

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